SAAE Group is dedicated to fostering and upholding a values-based corporate culture, and it implements a policy of zero tolerance for any type of fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, whether it is committed by or on behalf of SAAE Group, or against it (from internal or external sources). 

In order to ensure that our activities are compatible with our core principles, we are also committed to fostering a strong compliance culture. The goal of our Whistleblower Policy is to strengthen the ethical and honest culture throughout the Group. 

As a result, we hold our workers to a high standard of ethical behaviour and expect our business partners to do the same. To help us guarantee that our Organization is managed in accordance with our commitment and promise, please report any suspected instances of noncompliance, fraud, or unethical actions to our dedicated Whistleblower Line. ethics@almoosa.ae

All submissions will be evaluated fairly and unbiasedly, while the reporting individual’s name will be kept private and confidential without any exposure to any kind of retaliation or revenge.

“Company will Always Support its Stakeholders”.

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