Chairman’s Message

Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises Qoute-1024x256 Chairman's Message

“Driven by the inspirational vision of our leaders, Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises was established in 1975 to complement their vision so we can proudly take part in our country’s global growth. For over 40 years, we have been facing challenges and changes which have led to our Enterprises’ significant growth to become one of the leading national enterprises that is specialized in various industrial fields including real estate development, contracting, Interior design, project management, management consultancy, business training, travel and tourism and many others.
Our path has been paved with integrity and the commitment to promote our position in the private sector. This determination throughout the changing market trends and demands has made us become a trusted business name.
Our workplace is shaped by a diverse personnel-force which crafts a vibrant environment that contains an assorted mindset which is adaptable and rich in ideas. We strive for global leading success through our world-class services, technology-based solutions, promising investment opportunities and through our devoted, professional and experienced team.
Today, we are here because of our team that seeks development and future growth and our intention to put our hand with our leadership. We are firmly committed to add value and to become an integral part of our nation’s thriving national, regional and global growth.”

Salem Ahmad Almoosa
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Vice Chairman’s Message

Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises Vice-Chairman-600x380 Chairman's Message

“We strongly believe in the power of the brain, behind every successful organization there is a team of loyal, creative, intelligent and talented geniuses.
Therefore, Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises focuses first on the core, its employees; it continues to encourage and motivate their careers. The Enterprises continues to grow because of our dedicated teams and the ongoing genuine and transparent relationships between us. We believe in a one-team in one-spirit approach. The success of one is the success of everyone, the same goes with failures.”

Alharith bin Salem Almoosa
Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman’s Message

Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises Vice-Chairman_-600x380 Chairman's Message

“We open our doors to welcome new devoted talents that can add values to our organization, we then follow carefully-studied strategies, policies and systems for placing various talented minds where they best excel; we know that our workforce is our dynamo to achieve exceptional success.”

Ahmad bin Salem Almoosa
Vice Chairman

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