Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises Falconcity-300x179 Falconcity of Wonders

Falconcity of Wonders

The official developer of the mega project “Falconcity of Wonders”. Conveniently located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, the project covers an area of over 41 million sq ft. and it is shaped like a falcon in tribute to the UAE’s emblem. It features sophisticated residential, commercial, leisure and mixed-use developments catering to the needs of residents, tourists, investors and visitors.
FCW embraces the cultures of the world through its contemporary and unique structures that are inspired by the “Wonders of the World” – including Taj Arabia, the Leaning Tower of Dubai, the Dueiffel Tower, the Pyramids Parks, the Dubai Great Wall, and the Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon, to name a few.

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